Bokombe Earrings

My own studies of wild bonobos focused on the foods they ate.  One of the most important foods is the young, unfurled leaves of the plant known as bokombe in the local Limongo language. They served as the inspiration for these earrings. How these plants affect the nutrition and social organisation of these little known apes is of interest to researchers but is still poorly understand.


All fern fronds develop by unfurling as they mature. This piece was inspired by the work of Karl Blossfeldt, a German sculptor, who documented the architecture and diversity of plant life through photography around the turn of the last century. The pin was designed to be worn on a coat or jacket but is light enough for almost any fabric.

Tree Fern Pin


Tree ferns are enormous upright plants that grow in cloud forests around the world.   As such they serve as symbols for those ecosystems which are home to some of the most biologically diverse communities on earth.