Great Ape Faces    Here are all four species of great ape. They can be cast in a variety of metals and used in different ways. When cast in sterling silver, they can be worn as coat pins or necklaces. Faces made up as jewelry are finished with both pin backs and necklace attachments and come on a snake chain. In bronze, I generally mount the face on a wood base as a decorative paperweight or shelf ornament.  Prices below are for sterling silver.


Necklaces       Each of these species is depicted in a characteristic position frequently observed in nature. Bonobos often armswing rapidly beneath tree limbs while orangutans move more cautiously, employing all four limbs for support. The black and white colobus and wooly spider monkey are shown in typical resting posture.  Gibbons are the supreme brachiators of the primate world.


Earrings and Cufflinks  Researchers identify individual mountain gorillas by their unique nose prints, the pattern of wrinkles around and above their nostrils. I have used these abstract patterns to capture two individuals shown here, Beetsme and Puck.  Both gorillas were members of research groups  in Rwanda.   I have also made pieces with orangutan profiles.   Any of these can be made as dangle earrings (see Beetsme), studs, cufflinks or any other form you might find fun...just ask.